The CIA and the US Military have done everything to win the war in Afghanistan

President Biden failed miserably this time

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Let’s not sugar-coat it here: the images we have seen over the last couple of days from Afghanistan are heart-breaking and revolting. Seeing an inhumane terrorist group such as the Taliban conquering Kabul and waving the Taliban flag at the Presidential Palace, assaulting women, taking children by force and spreading terror among entire communities, makes us reflect on the Western’s weakness to defend ourselves, our values and our allies.

The American public opinion may start thinking that any war has become just a hobby for some powerful fellow citizens – and not a necessary mean to counter terrorism, to bring America’s foes down for good and protect U.S. national security’s vital interests. However, it is precisely during these hard times that our analysis must be accurate and not driven by emotional reactions.

In all seriousness, the defeatist, fatalist feeling and commentaries which have been dominating the entire mainstream and social media should be avoided. War is a complicated business: victory and defeat depend on a wide range of factors and circumstances. The war in Afghanistan (culminating this disastrous way) shows us that war and intelligence are about people: no winning strategy can possibly be definided without understanding ex ante the local customs, cultures and people’s way of thinking and feeling.

Yesterday, President Biden in his address to the Nation stoop up with his decision of withdrawal the US troops from the Afghanistan – the President went on to say that the buck stops with him, he will not pass the torch of this endless war to another President (would be the fifth). President Biden expressly said the burden and the costs of deploying more US troops to Afghanistan would be enormous to the American people: in one word, as to President Biden, badly ending a war is preferable than continuing a bad war. This assumption theoretically could prove right – unless facts ultimately show that the buck does not stop with President Biden and will pass in a more ruthless form to the next President of the United States. The consequences of this poorly planned withdrawal of the US Military from Afghanistan are impossible to predict in all its extension at this point – the first indicators do not anticipate quite a bright future though…

CIA was right all along – the ongoing assault on American Intelligence is bogus

Having said that, it is relevant to note that the (now) trendy attack on US Intelligence is completely baseless: the CIA has warned the decision makers in D.C that once the US troops left Afghanistan, the Talibans would seize control of the country immediately. The recent reports – even from media outlets which have intensely campaign for President Biden – according to which the CIA has failed to assess the threats of this move with accuracy or that CIA was pretty naif predicting the necessary time for the Talibans to dominate Kabul are just fake news.

The brave women and men from the Agency have done a splendid work defending America and the American People’s best interests: actually, the very first Intel report from the CIA antecipated that the Talibans would conquer Kabul by August. CIA officers on the ground, who bravely remain there up to this moment defending the great American flag and the values of liberty and human dignity, have communicated to their Afghan counterparts to be ready to fight.

Our allies in Afghanistan knew that the Taliban were preparing to attack because of the great job the women and men from the CIA have done in such a brief time – instead of being defamed, the CIA agents should be praised for being (once again) up to their high duties.

That is precisely why the Afghan soldiers who should have fought for their country started to flee – including their President. In Kabul, even the taxi drivers knew about the Taliban’s upcoming surge in Kabul. So, it is a lie saying to the American people that the chaos in Afghanistan was impossible to predict; as much as we believe CIA is capable of reaching even the impossible to defend America and the free world, this time, CIA has just done their job with proficiency and competence. Something went wrong on the process; that is not CIA’s fault for sure though.

Moreover, President Biden’s Afghanistan buck to be stopped at his desk was much softer than his predecessors’. As a matter of fact, President Trump, with a remarkable work undertaken by Secretary Mike Pompeo, has reached an agreement with the Talibans which could at the same time prepare the ground for a smooth withdrawal of the US troops and make sure that terror would not dominate afghan streets again. President Trump’s agreement with the Taliban was truly a mediation agreement: the Talibans committed themselves to act like a political party, respecting the democratic rules and the democratic political process. The United States would mediate the relationship between the afghan political power and the Talibans, alongside NATO forces.

The United States would maintain a small but effective military contingent in Afghanistan, ready to act if necessary be. Needless to say that a robust counterterrorism and intelligence operation would be set up in order to guarantee America’s interests, freedom and afghan people’s basic human rights. If the Taliban broke the deal, they would suffer severe consequences. This was the plan left by President Trump and Secretary Mike Pompeo – instead of working on this Framework, President Biden had preferred to rip it off and ignore the intelligence community for political reasons.

Afghanistan and the Chinese-Iran Eternal Pact: the world is facing the new Hybrid War we are living in

Having reached this stage, we must not be fatalists, but we must keep our feet on the ground. The chaotic situation in Afghanistan will major geopolitical repercussions – the “eternal strategic Pact” (as they call it) between China and Iran will be noticed again. In fact, the evil iranian regime is looking at the ongoing situation in Afghanistan as an opportunity to make the US and Europe reenact the (disastrous) Iran Deal. Why? Because China has already negotiated with the Taliban a new paradigm of “pacific coexistence” between (these Taliban) Sunis and (iranian) Shiites.

The barbarian Iranian regime will negotiate with Europe and the Biden Administration to block the drug trafficking to the West passing through the region (a strategic spot for the international trade of narcotics) by the Taliban regime – the “guardian” of this Iran-West deal will be the turkish President Recep Erdogan, who will therefore gain leverage over both the USA and Europe, not forgeting the increasing influence Turkey will play within NATO. Erdogan will at the same time helping the Taliban seeking international legitimacy and contribute to the economic development of the Taliban Afghanistan.

Taliban will albeit indirectly push the Biden Administration into restablishing the Iran Deal, granting to Iran the possibility of having nuclear bombs. German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks at this scenario with enthusiasm, because this will mean the end of the sanctions against Iran and thus a new wholemarket to be explored by german companies. Also, the new Taliban government will pay a tax to Iran for navigating in iranian-controlled waters. Iran is financially broken and need help to survive and feed their will of imperial destruction.

Regardless the nonsense that has been spread by some media according to which this new Taliban are more moderate (?!), the truth is that the world will know a new brutal regime ruled by Shariah law. Ayatollahs’ Iran and Qatar will have a new ally backed by China. And China, on its side, will have exclusive and privileged access to the Afghanistan’s mineral resources. At least for the next twenty years, China will have the monopoly to explore the afghan mineral industry and energy resources, such as gas and lithium.

China has been prepararing the Taliban to take control of Afhanistan over the last months. Thus, the plain fact that the Taliban entered into Kabul with chinese SUV’s and guns – AK 47 – made in China came as no surprise. Besides the economic benefits, China wants to make the most of this momentum to intensify their information war against the United States – all the chinese media and the international media connected with chinese interests will mock the US, try to diminuish American Military and try to demonstrate the superiority of their intelligence services.

The end game is always the same: to present communist China as the most powerful, most stable and most internationally engaged superpower. Chinese Communist Party will use the Taliban to prove that de decline of the United States of America is inevitable and irredeemable – while the rising of China is unstoppable and it is already being materialized, far beyond the economic sphere. Even today, all the chinese media outlets (or, better put, chinese propaganda channels) are mocking the US, trying hard to demoralize the great American Military and Diplomats, treating the US as the new failed Soviet Union. Nothing new to see here: China has been engaged in a unrestricted, global and hybrid war against America and the Free world – the anti-America propaganda of the last days and hours are a dimension of the current hybrid war we are living in, more precisley, it is information warfare.

The world is now seeing the doomed future awaiting us if we choose to just accomodate this new world order designed by the China-Iran Pact. China and Iran are creating a corridor to unite the two extremes of the world; Turkey and the Taliban State are instrumental to this ultimate goal of theirs.

In this “Eternal Pact”, China will be a worldwide superpower; Iran will be the regional empire: they will isolate the United States of America and divide the world into political-spiritual-ethno regions under chinese control. Shiite Iran will be the dominating force in the Muslim world. This is the end game – and Taliban’s control of Afghanistan is not a casualty; it is something China has been working on for quite long. Iran will become the new version of the Persian Empire, what the Torah describes as the Gog and Magog: the devil empire ready to attack and destroy the Eternal Land of Israel and the Children of Israel. But Israel will not fall down – the Children of Israel are ready to fight back and win.

Israeli Government and Mossad are ready to fight back: Iran will NEVER have a nuclear bomb!

Last week, Israeli Prime-Minister Naftali Bennett and Mossad’s Director, David Barnea, informed CIA’s Director, William Burns, that Israel is ready to anhialate any nuclear program developed by Iran. The Ayatollahs regime will never have a nuclear bomb – if the iranian regime crosses a line of decency and preaches hate and violence against Israel and our allies, the Ayatollah regime will meet fire and fury like never before.

And this will be an opportunity to see if America’s allies at NATO have the courage and the gratitude to the largest contributor to the european Defense and to the so cherished by us Atlantic Military Alliance (which is the United States of America, by far!) – or they will betray America and run into China’s arms once again. The American people understand today more than ever that an Alliance , as a friendship, is not an act of stupidity: toxic allies, like toxic friends, must be sorted out.

Finally, the most important message to be stressed out today – our gratitude to the great and the bravest US soldiers to whom we owe so much for their fight in Afghanistan for liberty, democracy and human dignity. They are not the losers; they are the true winners – and the politicians must be up to their heroism and selflessness. The great Ragged Old Flag of today will be the new Bright Old Flag of tomorrow – that is what the American people have done throughout American history.

That our steps ahead be illuminated by the heroism of people like Russell Bell (from Texas), Joshua Born (from Florida), Noah Korte (from California), Nicholas Rozanski (from Ohio), Camella Steedley (from California), Jessica Wing (from Maine) or Shane Wilson (from Idaho) and many others who fought and died (unfortunately) defending freedom, individual dignity and the great American flag.

They should remind us everyday that the war is not over yet – we may have lost a battle, but we will never lose the war. Once again, in this moment of the American History, as President Ronald Reagan said, those who say that there are no heroes , they just don’t know where to look. They should look to every and each one of the American soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and their families.

Quoting President Ronald Reagan again,” there is no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the word so formidable as the moral courage of free brave men and women; that is a weapon that our adversaries in todays’s world do not have, that is a weapon we, as Americans, do have”. Ergo, there is no more powerful Military and Intel Community than America’s – the Taliban, the Ayatollahs , the Chinese Communist Party and all the enemies of freedom will know it firsthand pretty soon…

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