Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” , a top US Public Enemy, is arrested in Madrid: how did he escape from Spain using Portugal and Brazil?

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It is a superb news to the venezuelan people, to the United States, to Brazil and to all the free world – Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” was arrested by DEA, in cooperation with Spanish police, in Madrid last Thursday. This is, therefore, the end of one of the most dangerous worldwide criminals. Hugo Carvajal, aka “Lo Pollo”, has been on DOJ’s Most Wanted list for many years due to his connectios to venezuelan narcoterrorist cartels sponsored by the Chavez-Maduro’s regime.

In the past, “Lo Pollo” has coordinated Hugo Chavez’s intel operative team and then became a major key player of Chavez-Maduro’s criminal network. Recently, Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” has been operating as one of the most loyal men to Nicolas Maduro’s criminal regime, namely to Tareck El-Aissami (the sitting Minister of Oil, National Production and Industries), the ruthless barbarian representative of iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah in Venezuela.

El-Aissami is the current mastermind of the most dangerous coccaine cartels operating from Venezuela to the US, Brazil and Europe. He is the true venezuelan “Drug Lord” – Tareck El-Aissami is executing a plan to overthrow the sitting brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, and to help Lula da Silva (a far-left candidate, former brazilian President convicted of corruption at first, proxy of the Cuban regime) to grab brazilian political power all over again.

And Tareck El-Aissami manages to be even more dangerous and more ambitious than all his successors in venezuelan criminal networks’ leadership – the Venezuelan octopus (which includes top european and brazilian politicians from the left to the fake right-wing parties) is larger than ever before.In one word: Tareck El-Aissami is the baddest of all Venezuelan bad hombres – and the major responsible for the globalization of venezuelan criminal activity.

The operation which culminated in Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” getting arrested in Madrid, capital of Spain, on Thursday (August, the 9th), was complex yet very successfull. Personally Hugo Carvajal is shy, a reserved and manipulative person, with some (quite often) fatal private addictions. “Lo Pollo” is self-center with a gigantic ego, which has caused him some troubles in his personal relationship with other venezuelan officials, including with Hugo Chavez himself and even with Tareck El-Aissami (who has an even larger ego). “Lo Pollo” is a guerilla master,owning a sophisticathed sense of war tactics. Sometimes “Lo Pollo” prefers to win the battle instead of winning the long-term war – his lack of patience and vision make him a poor general but a qualified fighter.

This propensity held by “Lo Pollo” to be a guerrilla man led him to escape from spanish jail – bribering some spanish jail officials, using his political connections in spanish political party PODEMOS and PSOE (Socialist Party of Spain)- to Brazil. This Hugo Carvajal’s prison break adventure has some juicy details: first, Carvajal “Lo Pollo” ran away to Lisbon, Portugal, having taken advantage of european free movement right within the European Union’s territory. Before that, and even before his prison, Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” had changed his identity in Vila Real, a portuguese district in the border with Spain. With this new identity, “Lo Pollo” settled down in Estoril, in the Lisbon-Cascais axis in the south of Portugal, managed to escape from INTERPOL’s radar: “Lo Pollo” started to live in a luxury condo in Estoril with a relatively active social life, without being disturbed by any portuguese authority. In fact, it was in Estoril – near portuguese capital, Lisbon – that INTERPOL and US authorities lost track of Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” .

Portuguese politicians – from the left to the right, even some top politicians of a portuguese historic conservative party - decided to help Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” in order to prove their “special loyalty” to venezuelan criminal regime. It seems that portuguese and spanish right has become the most hardliners defenders of the criminal venezuelan regime…That is why brazilian former President and wanna-be candidate (again!) Lula da Silva is so popular in Europe…

After that, Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” was offered a private jet by a portuguese private company (one of the biggest private companies, now with chinese capital) so that he could fly from Tires, Cascais, to Brazil. In Brazil, “Lo Pollo” was submitted to a plastic surgery to change his face so that he could no longer be recognized by USA authorities and INTERPOL. By the way, in Tires, Cascais, Portugal, some alarming spikes in drug trafficking have been reported over the last months.

Once Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” arrived in Brazil, he was welcomed by brazilian politicians, most of them very close to former President and wanna be candidate Lula da Silva, the pro-criminal venezuelan and cuban regimes. Actually, the top Lula da Silva’s political and personal confidantas did not miss the chance to greet Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo”, hoping for a quid pro quo by the venezuelan regime – this is to say, striving for some help from Nicolás Maduro for Lula da Silva’s campaign in 2022.

These politicians were referred to in the judicial case known as “Lava-Jata”, a major corruption scandal involving PT’s(far left political party) political elite. It was precisely with their support (including financial support)that Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” undertook a plastic surgery in Brazil to hide himself from INTERPOL and US law enforcement agencies and departments. Shortly after, “Lo Pollo” flew back to Iberian Peninsula – first to Portugal, then to Spain. In Portugal, Hugo Carvajal” Lo Pollo” landed at Tires international airport, in Cascais, using again a private jet registered in Portugal. “Lo Pollo” aplied a classic and old principle of cuban intel agency – the best way to escape from any authority is to do exactly the opposite of what they assume one would do given a set of circumnstances.

The most bizarre to do here would be exactly to return to the place from where “Lo Pollo” had escaped – and that was precisely what “lo Pollo“ did. Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” returned to his apartment in Madrid. Before that, however, the former chief of venezuelan intel services and narco terrorist decided to stay some months in Estoril, Cascais, Portugal. A portuguese and a brazilian politcians – the former with special ties with cuban regime and who has recently traveled several times to Havana under instructions of Lula da Silva – recommended “Lo Pollo” to follow this strategy in order to trick USA authorities (DEA/CIA).

During his stay in Estoril-Cascais, Portugal, Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” was closely monitored by Israeli intel services – Mossad – in an operation coordinated by the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration). Every step, every snore, every breath of criminal Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” were registered by Mossad – there is nothing about “Lo Pollo”’s life in the last large months that DEA is not fully aware of, due to the wonderful work performed by Mossad. The strategy was all along to bring Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” to Madrid so that the operation to arrest him (again and hopefully definitively) might be conducted by only the DEA and UIP (Spanish special police forces, the Unidad de Información de Policia), without any interference from the portuguese authorities.

US and Israel informed the Spanish special police that there are intel about some leaks from portuguese government to foreign entities, including venezuelan government and chinese government, that might potencially undermine the success of this operation to capture one of the most dangerous narco terrorist walking on earth. And let’s not forget the bad experience the CIA had (still very fresh in our memory!) regarding portuguese lack of cooperation protecting CIA counter-terrorism Agent Sabrina de Sousa (who was a portuguese passport holder, by the way…).

When DEA and UIP agents broke into Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” ‘s house, they had to face “Lo Pollo” personal bodyguards – all of them former venezuelan intel services and military operatives; all with a spanish residence permit, though. DEA apprehended some materials and evidence in “Lo Pollo” apartment, including four laptops with sensitive information about portuguese, spanish and brazilian (among other nationalities) politicians and businessmen. These materials are being analyzed at the moment.

We can advance as well that Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo”, after some initial resistance, ended up with a collaborative spirit and spelling threats to very well defined targets in Spain, Portugal and beyond. Hugo Carvajal “Lo Pollo” is threating to burn down several countries – including Portugal, Spain and Brazil, due his deep knowledge of a couple of brazilian politicians – if he is extradited to the United States. More information on this will be given in our next article here in JORNAL DA CIDADE ONLINE.

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